LINKAGE International Choreographic Competition



by Ravid Abarbanel

Rising, scratching myself off the floor, moving forward. Disassembling and reassembling buildings that have become temporary, with the aim of continuing to move and search for the ultimate structure that I define as home.


by Maria de los Angeles Pais

This piece investigates the spatial and perceptual limits. Reflecting on transmigration, embodied questions arise. In a place occupied by memories and reflection many attempts to change perspective are made. 


by Vittoria Franchina & Giovanni Leone

Our brain is loaded daily with 34 gigabytes of content, which is the equivalent to around 100,000 words. One of the main characteristics of the digital era we live in is the fact that our senses are constantly stimulated; the Internet gives us simple, free and unlimited access to any information, making us always ask for more. We spend large amounts of time searching and collecting data that eventually we won’t be able to handle. This problem is known as “information overload” and it occurs when our attention is continually hampered and interrupted as we have to deal with an excessive quantity of facts; this may lead us to the impossibility of separating what is valuable from what is worthless. The mind goes blank and disconnects from reality, it starts to flow freely as water through unknown times and places. It gets lost in a stream of words and images that manipulates our attention and inhibits our ability to think and feel.

Is it possible to bring our brain and life back under control?
Or are we destined to be overwhelmed by this situation?


by Luca Scaduto


The piece has been developed from the concept of struggling to reach your own goals against the will of those who built a system, that is not taking care of who you are, or what you want, if is not for their own benefit . 

The society we live in, is not always allowing us to develop and grow to reach our goals. Depends on the position you are starting off, it might be the hardest and most difficult stuff you ever done in your life, to reach your on goals. 
Comments, criticism and opinions are always being expressed from those who are surrounding you. Sometimes is making you grow up, but sometime is just made with the purpose to let you fall down. However this is the primordial instinct of the man that is pushing the human being to go forward and fight for what is believing in. Probably is not an isolated case.
On the contrary, I think that is a theme that all of us have faced at least once in life. This is why I wanted to create this piece, to give people the possibility to see their own story on stage and believe that is possible to fight even when you are struggling to reach your goals. There is always a way. And even if you will not reach the goal, your trying will be, for sure, helpful to show someone else that he can do it.


by James Wilton

A piece about being trapped in a whirlwind of loneliness.


by Cristian Cucco & Alice Beatrice Carrino

Delicious overdose is a dream , a visionary metaphor and oneiric inner journey. She undertakes a voyage -followed and accompanied by him- under the endless rain of candy wrappers . The sweetness seems to be very sweet until it gets over the limit, becomes toxic, overwhelms and takes her vital energy. As a victim of her own temptation , she is entering in a liquefied mental and physic stage due to a glycemic overdose. The only way to escape from this state is to go back to reality and reconnect her with him(her)self.


by Lucas Rodrigues Valente


The duet brings on stage a forbidden relationship. The piece is based on the story of the book “Of love and other demons”, from the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and aims to bring the same mysterious, aggressive and magic feeling to the stage.


by Jason Martin

A Plea for Impermanence is a solo contemporary dance performance focusing on cycles of transformation, metamorphosis, renewal and reconstruction. A central axis of reflection articulates around the capacity of resilience and adaptation of the human condition. The result is a work where, like a visceral spasm, the performer shifts between self-sufficiency and interdependence, vulnerability and determination, provocation and resignation. The body then becomes the communicator of the intangible, the bearer of countless memories of personal and universal experiences, uniting us by a causal link.


by Alexandre Fandard

„Omnipresent in the media, excessively essentialized and often tinged with a certain class contempt or latent racism, the figure of the “suburban” fascinates as much as it worries. Beyond the clichés, it is all the symbolic complexity of this term that Alexandre Fandard dissects in this solo, aptly titled Comme un symbol.“


by Alexander Abdukarimov


by Pablo Girolami

The means by which a trypophobic skeleton is formed is geometry, which, however, only thanks to the imaginative contribution of the human mind, becomes an active gateway for fear; reflecting man’s insecurities and paranoia. Bottomless, where all awareness falls steeply. Facing a fear is not an easy game. The risks are indeed real, but the outcome far worth it. It seems that playing the game rather implies accepting not to play at all. With T.R.I.P.O.F.O.B.I.A. we choose to accept the challenge, transforming ourselves into the parasites that creep into its galleries. Two bodies that channel themselves into the patterns to which this phobia refers, untangling their selves among the dark tunnels devoid of air and seasoned with elements „foreign“ to us. The clarity is lost and the eyes close..


by Zoi Efstathiou

In an empty space, surrendered to its simplicity, everything is reflected. We commit ourselves and through contact, we research relationships under the surface. The relationships within us, which give a meaning to encouragement, support, trust. A complete and at the same time unrelated relationship. Plenum is the opposite of emptiness. We are talking about the plenum in each of us. Those moments when each of us, in a relentless effort to gain our independence, does not survive without the other. The important Other is the one who influences through and emotion. She is the one who constructs our reality. She is the one who passes from the past to the present. It is the interaction and the transition from empty to the complete. Typically, it is about „sharing“ experiences in a world of loneliness, where we create together. A meeting in which we research relationships below the surface. The relationships within us. Relationships of uniqueness, characterised by difficulty to balance, where there foundations is their identity. More specifically, the project „We find each other in the plenum“, concerns a journey of two women who „go through“ three different situations. The transition from one condition to the next is particularly important as it determines the smooth outcome. In the first part, the dancers move in perfect harmony and synchronisation, however every small change is the connecting link for the continuation of the piece. The frequent but imperceptible change of directions, forms a different space and a different perspective each time. The transition from one part to another is in a way a necessity for the relationship of the two always maintaining the interaction and the importance of the existence of the other. 


The project is supported by Sofia Municipality and Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria