LINKAGE International Choreographic Competition

“Linkage” International Choreographic Competition – second digital edition
The competition is open to young choreographers or dance artists up to 40 years from the international dance scene and the event take place in one evening 26.09.2021 at Derida Stage (Sofia, Bulgaria) with a live and online screening, which will be available to Internet users 48 hours after the start of the live screening.

Where: Derida Stage, Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 24 – 30.09.2021

Deadline for applications: 15.09.2021

After a successful first edition of International Choreographic Competition „Linkage” the organizers continue in 2021 with the same format, offering to the international participants prizes such as:

– First prize: 1, 500 EUR
– Second prize: 1, 000 EUR
– Audience award: 500 EUR
– Participation in the Resident Program of Derida Dance Center – Sofia, Bulgaria – presented by the artistic director of Derrida Dance – Zhivko Zhelyazkov
* Special prizes:
– Invitation to hold a workshop with professional performers
– Invitation to perform the presented choreography, for a fee, in other cities in the country
– Invitation to set a new choreography for a Bulgarian dance company
* Special prizes are awarded at the discretion of the jury members, regardless of the official ranking in the competition. Special prizes are not necessarily awarded.

The competition will be held digitally in a social network chosen by the organizer. In addition to the digital broadcast of the competition, on the same evening, there will be a live screening in Sofia, Bulgaria, which will be attended by a jury that will evaluate the finalist choreographers. After the screening of all selected works, the jury will award: first place, second place, audience award and special prizes.
The judgments of the jury will be broadcast live on the evening of the competition. The evaluations of the jury are final and are not subject to correction.

– There is no restriction on the nationality of the candidates
– Applicants up to 40 years of age are allowed.
– A choreographer can also participate as a performer in his own work.
Duration and format
– Modern / contemporary dance solos or duets with a duration of no more than 12 minutes and no shorter than 5 minutes are allowed.

– Preliminary commission selects up to 12 choreographers – finalists for the competition.
– The selected finalist choreographers send a signed declaration of settled copyrights.
– The selected choreographers finalists send a signed declaration of consent for online screening and live screening of their works.

The project is supported by Sofia Municipality and Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria